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About Club

Jeep Club - philosophy and targets

  1. Jeep Club Philosophy - Popularize Jeep brand.
  2. Jeep Club Targets:
  • Develop Spirit of Jeep by gathering enthusiasts in common events, expeditions and contests.
  • Support development of off-road driving skills of Jeep Club Participants.
  • Develop and maintain information base, where Jeep Club participants and other Jeep enthusiasts could make exchange of experience and obtain knowledge about their Jeeps and upgrade possibilities.

Jeep Club friendly chapter

  1. Participant of Jeep Club could become any Jeep enthusiast with no limitations to ownership of Jeep.
  2. After entering Participation of Jeep Club enthusiast is entitled to:
  • select his/her nickname and participation number;
  • receive Participant card;

  • receive sticker set with his/her nickname and participant number for Jeep;

  • qualifies for Jeep Club Participant bonuses* (bonuses could change from year to year);
  • take part in meetings of Jeep Club participants and take part in decision process of further development of Club;
  • take part in events organizes by Jeep Club and for participation in „Major" Jeep Club events pay reduced Jeep Club Participant fee* of 39 LVL;
  • take part in Minor Jeep Club events, paying participation fee set by organizer.

3. a. Annual Participation fee of Jeep Club is 60LVL, which could be remitted either at once or split into 2 instalments:

  • 30 LVL until February 01st (Year 2010 - until February 5th).
  • 30 LVL until May 1st.

b. Participant of Jeep Club has also a possibility to pay "Express" annual instalment in amount of 189 LVL which entitles to free admission to all 4 "Major" Jeep Club events of the year. „EXPRESS” participation fee is to be paid annually until February 1st (Year 2010 until February 5th).

4. Entering participation to Jeep Club could be done latest 2 weeks before every "Major" event, which are held at least 4 times a year.

5. To become participant of Jeep Club it is necessary to:

  • fill in application form and register your Jeep(s) (filled form to be sent to club@jeep.lv), Form
  • select your Participant number and nickname,
  • remit single time application fee of 20 LVL,
  • remit Jeep Club participant annual fee mentioned in paragraph 3,
  • those who have not managed to enter Jeep Club before July 1st, participation fee for relevant year is 40 LVL.

Bonuses of Jeep Club

  1. Participation and voting rights un meetings of Jeep Club
  2. Special Participant admission fee for Jeep Club Major events - 39LVL (standard price 59LVL, those who use Express instalment participate for free);
  3. Discounts at TC Motors service and spare parts:
  • 55% for serive jobs of your Jeep;
  • 30% for original Jeep spare parts;
  • 2 free car washes for your Jeep a year,
  • 4 free car washes for your Jeep a year if Express participation instalment is used.

Other Jeep Club binding regulations

Jeep Club Participant card

Term of validity of the card - not more than 1 year until next February 1st. In case of lost card replacement card is issued at extra cost of 10 LVL.

Participants having more than 1 Jeep

If Participant of Jeep Club registers more than one Jeep, the every vehicle is entitled to have its own participation number, it has its own participation card and sticker set at extra cost of 15 LVL per each extra Jeep.

Sticker set

In case of lost or damaged stickers replacement sticker set could be obtained at extra cost of 15 LVL.

Regulations of organizing Jeep Club events

Jeep Club Major events

Major events combine both stock and upgraded Jeep vehicles. There usually is no limitation for number of teams participation in Major Jeep Club event, they usually are combined from multiple stages, funds for awards and fixed participation fee of 59 LVL for a team or 39LVL for one Jeep Club participant team. Jeep Club Major events are included in Jeep Club calendar when planning next season of Jeep Club events.

  • Organizers of Jeep Club events can invite teams with other non Jeep vehicles, or teams from other clubs, and setting for them special admission fee before each event.

Jeep Club Minor events

Minor events usually are organized separately for stock or upgraded Jeeps. Usually there are limitations to number of participants in Minor events. Such event is usually announced at least 2 weeks in advance in www.jeepclub.lv and admission fee to event is set by organizer.

  • There is admission allowed for teams who are not Jeep Club participants in Minor events, but for each such team organizer should remit 5 LVL to Jeep Club, unless there is no admission fee to the event.

Minor events organized within Jeep Club should be screened with Consultative Council in force (Council) at least 3 weeks in advance. It is clearly formal procedure, in order to ensure that no events do overlap each other. If event obtains clearance from Council, then it is posted to event calendar and annouced through Jeep Club website at least 2 weeks before event.

* Participation fees and bonuses could alter for 2011. There will be well in advance timed information about that.