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2010. year, 29. June — Jeep coffee table book is coming

Next year, Jeep is celebrating its 70thanniversary. On the occasion of this event, we are working on a Jeep coffee table book, covering the rich heritage, the origins and uniqueness of the brand to turn it into something to be experienced and visualized.

Since it is extraordinary how passionate and enthusiastic Jeep owners are about their cars and since the Jeep Community constitutes perfectly what Jeep is all about, we would like to capture the community aspect, by publishing the best Jeep stories and experiences in the book. Due to various events in the community, like the Jeep Academy, Camp Jeeps as well as activities organized by the national Jeep Clubs, there are certainly a lot of interesting and fun stories to tell. We are looking for Jeep enthusiasts who can tell us about their Jeep experiences and stories.

We Invite you to send us their best Jeep story in combination with a related picture as well as their contact information and nationality; the better the story and the quality of the picture, the higher the chance to become part of this book.

Deadline for the submission is July 25, 2010. Stories, pictures and contact details should be submitted to the publishing house directly:

Project Coordination
                Marco Brinkmann

                Delius-Klasing Verlag GmbH
                Postfach 10 16 71
                Siekerwall 21
                33602 Bielefeld

Thank you for your support! We are looking forward to your stories, pictures and experiences.